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Across Categories - Some of the Best

Work culled from all the proofsheets in Alan's files and darkroom, which may not be in the other portfolios.

Haiti - Dangerous Questions

Documenting conditions in Haiti for the National Lawyers Guild and other human rights groups.
Afghan Refugees in Peshawar, Pakistan

Alan journeyed to visit refugee camps just across the border from Afghanistan for a Japanese peace group.

Migrant Farm Workers

Alan traveled with UFW organizers throughout the Rio Grande Valley and into Mexico and California over a fifteen year period.

Migrant Farm Workers II - Palito Blanco, Mexico

300 farm laborers moved onto land south of the Rio Bravo (Rio Grande), in 1980, beginning a 3 year struggle ultimately involving the President of Mexico.

Middle East Peace

Visits among both Isreali and Palestinian people over the years reveal that peace, while elusive in a land marked by war, is a profound hope for all who reside in the land of Canaan.

Texas Death Row

These are images of inmates, taken prior to their executions, as they reside on Death Row, waiting. Also here, are images of those outside the prison, affected by the pending executions.

Iraq under Embargo

Trips made prior to Desert Storm, showing Iraqi people struggling under the embargo that had been in place since the first gulf war.