Legacy Fine Art Prints

Museum quality photographic prints on archival paper are very collectible
Each one is hand crafted, numbered and signed by Alan Pogue.
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Series: Si Se Puede
The Great Struggle
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Maquiladora Madonna

Rosa Moreno hugs her two youngest
in her tiny maquiladora worker housing unit
Reynosa, Mexico


Half of the price of each print of Rosa and her two youngest will be given to Rosa, to help her build up the ability to afford prosthetic hands and for living.
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Candle of Hope

Vigil through the night
El Salvador

Eyes of Faith

Prayer Service in Chiapas
For loved ones killed at Acteal
a modern massacre of indigenous Mayans

Cross of the Poor

Gathering Firewood
El Salvador

Tortilla Making

farmworker Community
Chiapas, Mexico

Zapata Canyon Moonrise

Waiting for cover of darkness
to cross over to San Ysidro, Ca

Cortez Family

Farmworkers Rally
State Capitol, Austin, Texas
March 1979

Short Hoe

Rio Grande Valley


Using a short handled hoe meant
literally back breaking stoop labor.

Aside from being cheap, supervisors
could see workers hunched over.

A turning point for the UFW was getting
the Texas Legislature to pass a law against the practice.

One Day Old

Kokomo, Indiana

Cesar Chavez

Johnson High School
Austin, Tx 1990.

Cesar Chavez

Statewide United Farm Workers Convention
San Juan, Tx 1979.

Dolores Huerta

MLK Studio
Austin, Tx 1998

She came by on the way to speak and wanted to iron her blouse. I made this portrait to match the previous one I had made of Cesar.


Print Sizes and Pricing for Legacy Prints

Each print is made from the original negative, projected by Alan onto double weight fiber paper, with glossy surface dried to a matte finish, selenium toned and washed for an hour in a Summitek archival washer.

Each one is signed on the front under the image unless the purchaser prefers them to be signed within the image or on the back, in ink or with pencil.

Each print will be numbered beginning with one for the purpose of this web offering. Prices will be quoted on demand.

8x10 = $100.00
11x14 = $200.00
16x20 = $300.00
20x24 = $600.00

Shipping and Insurance to be added. Orders from Texas will have sales tax added.